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Every 38 seconds someone attempts suicide


Do not keep suicidal thoughts to yourself!


Be Aware of warning signs


There is no typical suicide victim.

It happens to young and old, sick and well , rich and poor.

But fortunately there are some common warning signs which, when acted upon, can save lives.

Always take suicide signs seriously


Mental Health:

Faith & Spirituality


Dealing with a mental health condition can be tough. Thankfully, our spritual beliefs can help us cope with the situation as we move forward in failth . In fact reseach has shown that for some, religion and indivdual sprituality can directly improve physical and mental health.


If you grew up in a specific faith and feel comfortable with it, you may already have prayes and rituals that support your health. These can be a source of strength and comfort for you.


Here are some ideas that could help:





A sense of understanding

Help others

It Speaks to Your Needs

A note on Faith Communities


Why should your faith community care about mental health?


   Because 1 in 4 people in your congregation is affected  by mental illness. Mental Illnesses do not discriminate --they affect people from all races, creeds,income categories and social classes. Stigma keeps people from sharing their stories with others in your congregation, so they seldom get support we offer to people with types of illness es.


Because more than half of people who seek outside help when they are in crisis turn first to their clerly/faith leaders, before they seek help from psychiatrists , physicians or psychologists.If you are a faith leader , do you fell prepared to counsel on mental health problems? If you are member of a faith community , do you feel confident you leaders have the education and training they need to help you and your family deal with mental health issues you face?


Because there are many people who are living with a mental illness/ brain disorder who are living with a mental illness/brain disorders who are looking for a faith community that offers an inclusive welcome and provides spirital support. Do you want to learn more about how to become more inclusive and welcoming and how to offer spiritual support in your faith community?



" Mental Illness is nothing to be ashamed of ! It is a medical problem, just like heart disease or diabetes."


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